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Join Care Team – What Does It Take?

Is This You?

To join Care Team you need a selfless soul. Be content with the reward of making a difference in someone’s life, reaching out in the toughest of times and spreading solace, compassion, and aid without the need for glory or self-benefit.

Is This Something You Enjoy?

The Care Team is devoted to providing families, individuals and larger organizations with meaningful outreach. When needed, members are ready to offer anything from straightforward tasks to truly personal gestures.

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How We Help

We send letters and meals, provide phone calls, gifts, and care packages. Care Team also offers kind remembrances and other thoughtful gestures. There are countless ways we support someone during their experiences.

The Team helps others out by running errands or fetching family members from the airport. We may offer chores, like tending to a plumbing issue, taking care of their pets, aiding military deployments, cutting firewood, and loaning out generators. The options are endless for how we can show our assistance and make a positive difference!

Celebrating love, life, and loss, crafters can help mark all of life’s special moments. This includes weddings, anniversaries, adoptions, births, and birthdays. In times of hardship, the Team also offers comfort to those going through loss or health issues. We will even extend compassion for the loss of a beloved pet.

What Are Our Requirements?

  • Some folks don’t mind if others know they are getting help, but it’s ultimately up to them; it’s their story not yours. Confidentiality is key!
  • Serving the community without bias is our priority. We do not wish to be anyone’s moral guide. We offer help without prejudice and seek to make asking for assistance a comfortable process, with our aim to make their experience simpler, not harder.
  • Having the ability to selflessly serve the community without seeking any public recognition is crucial. We refrain from checking in on social media while volunteering, or tagging others; this is not appreciated. It is important to remember that this is all about giving aid to those in need, not to build your reputation.
  • In short, we are searching for Care Team Members who are selfless agents of transformation. People who serve without expecting anything in return, and are the driving force behind positive change, all while remaining unacknowledged.
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How Do I Join Care Team?

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Is This You?

Ask yourself if you have the qualities that match the above requirements, and if you’ll answer the call when we send out a request if you can.

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Join Our Facebook Page

Come join us on the Care Team Facebook Page Once accepted, we’ll send you a questionnaire you’ll need to fill out, and then you’ll be up and running!

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Look out for your invitation email! We warmly welcome each care team member to the roster with a personalized message. That’s it!

One More Thing About Care Team Members

If you have services that you can offer, that within itself is invaluable!
Share your professional skills, connections, resources, and networking talents with the team!

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Once our members have been thoroughly vetted, we deploy them strategically to those in need. We’ll leverage unique talents, resources, and cultural compatibility if available.

You are always encouraged to use your goodwill and selfless heart to act as you desire. And, let us know of any service opportunities you would like us to join!