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3rd Line Hockey Merchandise

A rich offering of swag for every 3rd Line player or fan from shirts and hoodies, to swimwear and accessories. We put our heart into these products because it warms ours to see you enjoy them!

kid in a 3rd line hoodie
Tournament Specific Merchandise!

We’re in the process of launching dedicated merchandise for each of our tournaments. As the stores become live you can access them here as well as on the tournament pages. Check back often, more are coming!

Our full line of merchandise

We have all types of swag from Apparel to Hats for Adults, Kids, and Pets. We add more all the time so check back often!

We take great pride in our commitment to providing the best possible products to our customers and are proud to say that we are adding new products all the time. Let us know what products you’d like to see, post in the Facebook group or drop us a line!

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