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Draft Hockey FAQ: Your Comprehensive Guide to
3rd Line Draft Hockey Tournaments!

Have Questions about our Draft Tournaments? This FAQ Will Answer Them!

Welcome to our Draft Hockey FAQ, your go-to source for all the information you need about attending a beer league draft tournament. Whether you’re an experienced player or new to the ice, we’re here to provide clear and concise answers to your most common questions. We’re passionate about making your 3rd Line Hockey experience seamless, so let’s dive right in!”**

What’s It Like Being At A 3rd Line Hockey Tournament?

At 3rd Line Hockey, our main goal is to make sure everyone has a great time! We believe in the idea of “Everyone Love Everyone” (ELE), which means we create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for you to come, play hockey, enjoy a drink, and make awesome memories. We really value the friendships and close bonds in the hockey community, and our events are filled with amazing people who are excited to have a good time. We organize fun outings and dinners, giving you plenty of chances to connect with fellow hockey fans and make new friends – that’s what makes hockey so special to all of us.

Our Tournament Play is open to players aged 21 and up who partake in alcohol and those who don’t. We also welcome players of all skill levels.

You can sign up for tournaments all around the world and join in the fun! 

Who Can Participate In The Tournaments?

We want to let you know that anyone, no matter where you’re from, can join in on our tournaments. We’re happy to have players who are 21 and older, and guess what? You can be a total beginner or a pro – it doesn’t matter. Our tournaments are also coed, which means both guys and gals play together, and we make sure everyone gets plenty of time on the ice to have a ton of fun at our events.

How Do I Register?

Registering is super easy – just click on the registration link for the tournament you want to join. We use Sports Engine to take care of registrations, so if you don’t have an account, you’ll need to create one, but it’s quick. Once you’re logged in, fill out the form, sign the waiver, choose your payment method, and you’re good to go – it only takes about 3 minutes! Congrats, you’re officially registered!

Do You Have Payment Plans?

Absolutely! You have choices when it comes to paying for your tournaments. You can pay all at once if you want, or you can pick from the special payment options we have for each tournament. We want to make sure our events work for everyone!

Do I Need A Team?

Nope, you don’t have to bring a team with you. We do something cool at our kickoff party – we use our unique system to put teams together right there at the event. So, all you need is yourself! Just sign up as an individual, and we’ll handle the rest. Easy, right?

women hockey players with 3rd line hockey

How Does The Draft Work?

By Chugging Of Course!

The draft starts off with the goalies competing in a thrilling beer chug showdown to pick their jerseys.

Then, it’s time for another goalie chug to kick off the draft itself. To make sure teams are evenly matched, we pair up player draft lines with similar skills. And the excitement keeps coming with a chug-off to decide the draft order, from the fastest to the slowest chug.

Finally, teams come together for a team chug to choose their schedule for the weekend.

And hey, if you’re not into alcoholic drinks, don’t worry, we’ve got options to keep everyone in on the fun!

Our draft happens at a super cool venue, and the best part? The chug beers are on the house for all participants. And not just that – we’ll even cover a few more drinks too!

Now, that’s a recipe for an unforgettable time!

3rd line draft party hockey players group pic

What Do I Get With Registration?

When you sign up for the tournament, you’re in for some fantastic perks! First off, you’ll get a full kit that includes jerseys, socks, and even a breezer shell. And that’s just the beginning. Our locker rooms are like a treasure trove with everything you need – tape, sports drinks, and more to keep you in top form.

You’re going to play 5 guaranteed games!

But here’s the icing on the cake – we don’t just play the game; we capture every epic moment with photos, and you’ll get your hands on those memories. Share them with your teammates and relive the highlights!

Now, let’s talk rewards. Your hard work on the ice doesn’t go unnoticed. We’re all about taking home your celebratory keepsakes, so expect to walk away with shiny medals and commemorative pucks to mark your tournament journey. It’s the ultimate tournament experience, where every moment counts, and every player shines!

You can read the full explanation of everything in our comprehensive blog article on your benefits by clicking here!

3rd line hockey goalie stopping a puck

How Do You Keep The Teams Even (Skill)?

At 3rd Line Hockey, we take fairness and fun seriously, and we work hard to make sure every team has an equal chance to shine. When you sign up, we’ll ask you to rate your skills honestly on a scale. If you’re joining with friends, we’ll even nudge you to rate each other. But here’s the cool part – we’ve got a ton of knowledge about players from all over the world, and we use that info to fine-tune the ratings based on our own experience. And you know what? It works like magic! The results are always spot-on and fair, guaranteeing an electrifying and competitive tournament for everyone. Sandbaggers may not be able to return to our events and, it’s not necessary–we’re all here to have a good time, drink beer, and play hockey.

Can I Invite Friends & Family?

Bringing along your friends and family? Do it! We’ve got a whole program set up just for folks who want to join in on the excitement, even if they’re not hitting the ice. Think free beers, chugs, exclusive non-player merchandise, and a whole lot more! Curious to learn more about non-player participation, Just click right here to get all the details. We’re all about making sure everyone has a blast!

How can I stay updated on upcoming 3rd Line Hockey tournaments?

To stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook, ask for an invite to the private 3rd line hockey group, and follow us on instagram. We’re always posting updates!

So, What Are You Waiting For?

Click below to explore our upcoming tournaments, join the 3rd Line Hockey Club, or get in touch with us. Your next hockey adventure awaits or are you going to let it pass you by?

hockey player scoring on goalie - 3rd line hockey

Need More Assistance?

Our Draft Tournament FAQ didn’t answer all your questions? Well, we’re just a click away and always eager to chat with both our seasoned players and newcomers. Reach out today and let’s start the conversation!

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