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3rd Line Hockey Draught Series
Columbus, OH!

Draft Hockey Tournament, Get Ready to Play!

All tournaments are COED and ALL SKILL LEVELS ARE WELCOME!

What Do I Get With My Registration?

custom beer league tournament jerseys

Custom Jerseys

When you register for our draft hockey tournament, you’ll be equipped with a custom hockey uniform! It’s complete with a jersey, socks, and a breezer shell – all included with your roster spot!

beer league hockey tournament supplies

Locker Room Supplies

To provide a truly all-inclusive experience, we’re equipping each locker room with clear and stick tape for the teams to use and keep, and we’re also throwing in sports drinks!

beer league hockey stats

You Get All The Stats!

Partnering with GameSheet, you get to stay up to date with live stats for every game in our draft tournaments. Keep your friends and family back home in the loop with box scores and real-time game updates!!

beer league hockey beer cheers

Free Beer!

There is a reason it’s called Beer League Hockey. That’s why when you show up at the draft party, your first two drinks are on us. And just wait till the chug-off – that beer is free, too!

Don’t Drink Alcohol?

We will always have an inclusive atmosphere of fun and comfort at all of our events. And one of the ways we do this is by providing non-alcoholic options. This ensures that no one is left out and that everyone can join in the festivities!

And That’s Not All!

With your hockey tournament registration you’ll also get:

Kickoff Draft Party
5 Guaranteed Games
Photos Of The Games
Medals & Awards
Farewell Dinner Outing
Lifetime Friends and Memories
Kickoff Draft Party
5 guaranteed Games
Photos Of The Games
Medals & Awards
Farewell Dinner Outing
Lifetime Friends & Memories

*food and drinks are not included with the farewell dinner outing

You’re Going To Get A Unique Hockey Adventure
At Our Coed Draft Hockey Tournaments!

Everyone – all skill levels – all players!

We give you a one-of-a-kind hockey tournament with players from all over the world, no matter their skill level or hockey background. Unlike other tournaments, we have made a special system that allows participants to join without a pre-formed team. So, you get a wider range of players and skill levels to play with and against. Click the button below and get a spot, you won’t be disappointed!

Reserve Your Spot In Columbus, OH!

We’re going to give you an experience you’ll never forget, and you’re helping 3rd Line Hockey build an awesome global community of hockey lovers! So, let’s create an awesome atmosphere of camaraderie, encouragement, and friendly competition together!


Our tournaments fill up so, don’t wait! – Click the button and get in now!


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